CozyGo💤 not only wraps you from head to toe in TOTAL WARMTH – our outer fabric is 100% waterproof…so when the game keeps going, you’re dry from head to toe. CozyGo💤 also doubles as a picnic blanket – you’ll never discover the grass was actually wetter than you thought!
CozyGoZee wrapped around a woman outdoors near a fire pit

Take Cozy on the Go💤…
…so warm & Cozy on one side &
100% waterproof on the other.

Cozy GoZee view at full stretch
Cozy GoZee double polar-fleet lined hand pockets with finger & thumb openings

Our double polar-fleet lined hand pockets have finger & thumb openings so you can hold almost anything!

Cozy Gozee has a foot pocket with zippered closure

This foot pocket has a zippered closure – so whether you’re coming from a swim meet or cheering a football game… that extra warm foot pocket can really come in handy.

Even if it’s raining or snowing, you’ll stay warm & dry from head to toe!

Cozy Gozee wraps you up even while sitting

But WAIT, there’s more… CozyGo💤 doubles as the best picnic blanket ever!

Never again will you sit on grass that you THINK is warm enough. Our 100% waterproof back never fails. Plus you can stow your valuables in the pockets.

Use Cozy GoZee as a picnic blanket too
Cozy GoZee rolls up and carries easily
Your CozyGo💤 rolls up and carries so easily you won’t want to EVER leave home without it!