Our Flagship Line

Our flagship Cozy💤 line, helps settle the nervous system, simply by having these products mostly “in reach” because for those of us with severe SPD, when your body is shutting down due to sensory overload, unless you have someone that gets things for you, “in reach” is so important!

Once you have any of our Cozy💤 products, regulating your body temperature for even the narrowest of range of comfort, becomes very easy. This is because we understand that if your hands and/or feet are cold, it’s much harder to get the rest of your body warm. We know this experientially – when we are really cold, and we are able to warm hands & feet, truly everything else is warm. This is true for everyone, not just those of us with SPD (even if it doesn’t bother them as much, but the process of warming the extremities is well documented for everyone.

For those of us with SPD, our window of comfort can be very narrow. THIS is why the Cozy💤 line is so beautiful! When your extremities are approaching their perfect temperature, you simply pull them out! This is TRUE for:

Because “Cozy💤” doesn’t always mean “warm”– WE think of Cozy💤 as HAPPY & COMFY!